hello! i am so happy to have you visit, welcome to my little corner of the internet.  so...who am I and why am I here? well, i have a passion for creating, design and craftiness.  my degree and profession are in interior design and I have been very lucky to work on some wonderful design projects over the years.  but, it is my latest and biggest project yet which brought me to create this site......our beautiful and charismatic daughter channing eleanor  (whom I call little bird).

she, of course, has rocked my world.  she is our first and my husband and I are quite smitten with her.  our little bird is curious, energetic, happy and quite a character.  she brightens our days with her big happy smile.  it truly has changed EVERYTHING for us.

having a career and enjoying time with my husband, before starting a family, was the right choice for me however.... having a child after being used to so much freedom and independence definitely brings its own set of challenges.  balancing a baby, career, me, my husband and staying creative is quite a ride. i hope you will join me along the way and enjoy being a part of the site as much as I hope to enjoy creating it.





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