hanging cards

i bought these number cards for the bird quite some time ago, because i loved the nature theme to them.  they are from children inspire design , a company in which i love their mission and concept.  i just couldn't figure out where i wanted to put them and how i wanted to hang them.  we recently bought a play table and chairs for the bird and i thought that would be a good place to start putting some more learning related items.  instead of using a basic string to hang them up, i decided to make a craftier type of line but wanted it to be quick and easy, with things i already had around the house. supplies:  scissors, string/ribbon/yard of your choice, safety pin, basic laundry clothes pins (i bought mine at the hardware store)

the first thing you will want to do is lay out your card to see how much length you need for your strings.  i had 10 cards and only enough wall width to hang 5 in a row, so, i decided on two separate lines.  i wanted some texture to mine so i chose to use ribbon, 2 colors of yarn and some pink wrapping ribbon.  i cut all of my pieces to the correct length and tied one end together into a knot.

safety pin the set of strings onto your pants, through the knot with a safety pin, and begin creating a loose braid.  once the braid is completely finished, knot the other end.

i used a tape measure to make sure my ends would be level on the wall and pinned both sets of line to the wall with thumb tacks, just below each knot.  the clothes pins were the perfect size to slip over the line and still hold each card in place.