14 months

happy 14 months old little bird!  you are growing so much and doing all kinds of new things.  you are standing at almost 30” tall (that’s 1” of growth in the past month!) and getting to be such a big girl. here are some of your favorite things & facts about you right now:

  • you love your new sunglasses
  • you have the cutest gap between your two front teeth...you are finally getting in more teeth!  8 total now
  • you scrunch up your nose and make the funniest little face when you are happy
  • when you finish a task, such as stacking something up or putting the lid on your play containers, you clap and give yourself a big grin
  • you love dancing to adele
  • we are taking walks in your stroller and checking out the neighborhood. you have found a love for playgrounds and we cannot walk past one without a great deal of excitement.
  • your bunny...you have really taken to snuggling with that bunny in your crib!
  • giving lots of hugs and kisses...to mamma and daddy but also to all of your snuggly friends and even a pillow on occasion
  • making a noise very similar to the tazmanian devil...it is very cute
  • you are a little tall so, your 12 month pjs don’t fit very well but 18 months are still a bit large.
  • we bought you a green swing which you LOVE and would probably swing in all day if i let you.
  • when told NO you mumble something cute and shake your head back and forth
  • bird speak... “shhh” = shoes, “dar dar dar” = dog, “yum yum” = well, yum yum, “uh” = up (as in, let me up on the sofa!)  we are pretty sure we have heard “owl”, “book”, “dada” all come out a time or two.
  • you have no fear of getting dirty or messy and are a great little helper while i am gardening.
  • brushing our teeth has become a new nightly regime (since you finally have some teeth!) and you enjoy it very much.  especially when we brush your tongue.
  • walking has been pretty perfected and now running is your standard.
  • twirling to music has become quite fun as well as somersaults.
  • you continue to try lots of different types of foods and haven’t really found anything yet that you don’t like.