16 months

my little bird - you are looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby every day.  here's what you are up to as you have turned 16 months: - "nooo" has become your most used word

- you have finally decided to use the "drink" sign after all of these months

- some days we get two naps, some days we get one

- more teeth are finally coming in.  thank goodness - you only have 8 to date - but the teething process is yucky and uncomfortable for you

- more and more words are coming.  ha = hat (along with a pat on your head), umblllla (said quickly) = umbrella, apple (it is probably your most defined word), ball, joosss - juice, owl, baaanana.  a lot of things are repeated (just once or twice) after hearing someone else say it.

- you ask for apple when you want apple juice

- "jumping" into the pool while holding daddy's hands is your newest thing in the pool.  you are a dare devil

- sleeping is getting better. you are going to bed a little later (around 7:30) and sleeping until 6 or sometimes 6:30 am if we are lucky

- lots more dancing, clapping your hands and singing to music

- you learned to crawl down the stairs backwards at nanna's house

-  what a social butterfly you are.  at every restaurant and every store, you say "hi" and "bye" to all you see

- everything in site gets kisses

- you are a great helper and put your toys away when asked and rarely get upset when asked to clean up or finish up when we are all done

- you sign "sleepy" to tell us when it is time for bed

- 20.5 pounds and 30" tall