17 months

another month has past and i can't believe it!  the bird is a silly, happy, loving little lover of life and i am amazed every day at what she learns and does.  right now she's: - saying "yeah" (instead of yes)

- saying and signing "peez" = please

- sleeping 11 1/2 hours!  an hour more than she's slept ever...i never thought sleeping until 6:30 am would be considered sleeping in.

- making her stuffed animals dance while she sings do-do-do  do-do-do.

- twirling, stomping and swaying to music whiling humming and singing along = love.

- stabbing all food that she can and loving eating from grown up forks.

- loving watching her first olympic games.

- saying "bainz" = beans and "tay" = tea...somehow she's developed a southern accent. add to that her use of the word "bum" when changing her diaper...I have a southern belle/british bebe.

- giving unexpected kisses and hugs.

- collecting a pile of her own rocks outside in the front yard.

-  finally wearing 12-18 month sized shoes and hats, although they are still a bit big...she has a small head and little feet.

- making fantastic expressions like "wow!" and "oh-no!"

- got my heart ♥

* apologies for the poor quality of this photo...it's from my phone.