18 months

18 months old!  i really can't believe it.   this has been my favorite time with the bird...she is learning and growing and changing so much right now and i love seeing how it all takes place.  i am also pooped - she is a busy little thing!  very rarely does she sit down to rest.  in fact, we have to keep her in her high chair after her 3pm snack in order to get her to sit for awhile.  we usually play with stickers or play dough or crayons at this time.  here's what this busy little bird is up to... - morning wake ups are around 6:15-6:30.  1 nap at 11 am and usually lasts 90 minutes.  bedtime at 7.

- we are attempting to make friends with the two new potties in the house, particularly the frog whom resides in the downstairs bathroom.  she will NOT sit on it without clothes on but has no problem carrying him around the house and taking a seat at any time with either pants or a diaper on.  at least it's a start, i guess.

- walks occur every morning and we particularly like what we call the "bunny route" which gets us a bit out of the residences and into more brush and dirt.  we usually see a bunny or two and deer this time of year.

- lots of words are coming out - too many to think of right now but honestly, anything you say is repeated and usually remembered. (a good reminder that we have reached the point where cursing isn't a good idea anymore)

- the hair is getting long and curly (we LOVE piggy tails) but the teeth are still behind....still only 8 total.  although we've had some molars working their way in for quite some time now.

- as measured today, 31 1/4" tall.

- the bird is an EXCELLENT helper.  she loves to put her toys away and enjoys pushing the swifter around the house.  she is also still very into dryer sheets and paper towels for wiping down pretty much any surface.

- we are dancing dancing dancing to any music we hear and humming away as well.

- her favorite songs are "doe a deer" and "pop goes the weasel" thanks to nanna.

- "peez" and "tank too" are my favorite words, accompanied by signs, right now.

- swimming at the pool is still one of our favorite things, especially when daddy holds her hands, as she stands on the edge, and jumps in without any fear.

- we get a lot of "no's" but also a lot of "yeah's"....she definitely knows what she wants and has quite an opinion.

-  spending time outside is still our favorite.

-  dressing up and playing pretend are beginning to take place and i love it!

- there is a lot of laughter and big cheesy smiling coming from the little girl.

happy 18 months little bird!