21 months

it's the 27th of another month.  i can't believe how much happens in one month's time.  our little bird is getting bigger, talking more and becoming even more fun to be around.  

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photo 1.JPG
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- just today, channing learned how to hop.  actually hop, with both feet coming off of the ground...at the same time...repeatedly, on purpose.  i think she startled herself then shouted "more more" as she hopped over and over.

- the words are really coming together.  "oh man" "makigg art" "holy moly".  are some of my favs.

- we changed out channing's bedding for a "big girl blanket" in hopes it would keep her sleeping in one place, in one direction.  (really we just bought a pillow and crib comforter from IKEA)  so far, it has worked.  she likes to snuggle under her blanket with her bunny. hoping this helps to prepare for a big girl bed in a few months. 

- still no progress on the potty.  i bought a book...maybe that will help...who knows. 

- dancing dancing dancing

- drawing drawing drawing (she loves her crayons, pad of paper and easel)

- mixing mixing mixing (we like watching cooking shows, giada specifically, and "mixing" small toys in her big silver bowl.

- i am so happy that her hats (this cute little owl included) finally fit her this year.  i bought them last year but they were way too big.

- digging in the dirt and playing in the crunchy leaves are her favorite things to do outside.  

- eating with an actual spoon and fork (not the kiddo kind) has been really successful and she gets better each day.

- we are back to waking up EARLY....5:30 or 6 if we are lucky.  darned time change.  

- she has taken to calling me " mommeee" instead of mama.  cute.