i know every parent must feel this way but i am in complete amazement at just how much i love our little bird.  it is such an interesting part of life...if you are lucky to meet your perfect match in a partner, you feel this fantastic kind of love you have never felt before and can’t image ever being able to love anyone else as much.  and then, you have a baby together and you can’t believe how much more love your heart is able to hold.  you just can’t imagine how much this tiny little being can rock your world until they are here with us...making us smile and laugh constantly, wondering how in the world they can be so upsetting yet so cute in one nano-second, be so delightful and full of intrigue and curiosity.  it is such an amazing experience.  i feel so honored every moment i get to sit and play with her, be lucky enough to get a big hug and kiss amongst the crazy whirlwind of energy that seems to continuously be surrounding her, and see that beautiful big smile with her scrunched up nose.  i just feel so very lucky to be part of her life and to know her and be part of this journey with her.  xoxo