5 things

some of the things i love right now:

1.  this face.  i have been spending lots and lots of time with this bird, now that summer is officially here and school is out.  the has the best little personality and i am lucky to witness it every day.

2.  doily dream catcher.  i am not a huge fan of the typical dream catcher design...i love the idea but not always the final product.  i do however LOVE this idea to use a beautiful vintage doily.  find the tutorial here.  this is going to the top of my craft project to do list!

3.  watching the bird play with items that i played with when i was small.  this was my first sleeping bag - strawberry shortcake.

4.  nothing says summer time like a screened front porch to hang out on.  i don't have one but if i did, i would be embroidering the screen door just like this!

5.  curls on this baby's head.  finally, something in her looks that resembles me :)