6 months

as we get closer to the 1 year mark, i am enjoying looking over everything that has happened in the past 12 months.  so much growth and change for all of us!  at 6 months, we did a photo shoot with the bird and i just love how it turned out.  since i didn’t have this blog yet, i thought it would be fun to share with you.  i can’t believe how small she was and how little hair she had...not that she has much still. she had not taken an afternoon nap that day (great timing) and has these tired little eyes with dark circles.  but, she was a champ and did a great job posing. my good friend karie mclain, did this shoot for us.  she is fantastic and fun and original.  i love her work and think you will too. my favorite part of this shoot was with the balloons.  these photos were taken at our home.  at 6 months, the bird really wasn’t sure what was going on but, she thought this chair and the balloons were a pretty good time!