a crib with a view

have you ever crawled into your little one's crib?  yes, you read that right.  well, i did this weekend.  i was just curious to see what it was like in there.  pretty darn comfy if you ask me...i have no clue why this kiddo doesn't want to sleep in there!  i hopped in right after her nap and quickly wished i would have made a bathroom stop first...she fell back to sleep on me for another 45 minutes.  i guess this could be one way of helping her take a longer nap but i do not plan on making a habit of it.  she does have a pretty nice little view and that mattress and  mini pillow are really soft and comfortable.  i would be perfectly happy to get to take a nice relaxing nap in there. we are right in the middle of another transition with our naps.  i haven't quite figured it out yet but it seems she is ready to stay up a little longer in the mornings and take her nap a bit later.  we are hoping this also means for consistently (thought that word really isn't in our napping vocabulary) longer daily naps, since we are truly down to just one now.  if you are having good nap juju, please feel free to send some our way!