a day in photos

hello friday.  we are very happy to have slightly cooler weather and no smoke in the sky!  it has been a busy day of playing outside and in the water, visiting our favorite garden center and folding laundry.  (why does it seem like the pile of laundry only multiplies and never gets smaller?)  the bird seems to be feeling better - i think the teething is calming down a bit and the allergies seem to be less bothersome.  we were thrilled to finally get some rain at our house tonight too!

good morning HIPPO!!!

serious bed head

i've been using this homeopathic allergy tonic for the bird, from hyland's...so far, it seems to be helping the running nose and itchy eyes a bit.

i hate when you have a full pantry and nothing sounds good to eat...

we settled on lasagna for the bird and swiss, crackers and green juice for me.

my shopping buddy!

herbs and local apricots

apricots, vanilla frozen yogurt, granola, honey

this seems to work better on the patio than downstairs next to the dirt :)

she's serious about her water!

this is what i have been drinking the past few days.  no, it does not taste good.  i will fill you in on why later...

post-bath evening snack...loving this curly hair!