a day in photos

what a week!  my first full week back at the college and although it was tough to go, i know channing is in great hands here at home.  she and ashley have a great time together and she is always smiling and laughing when i get home in the afternoons.  i did have to go in to the school for a bit today but we had a great morning together (the weather is beautiful!) and afternoon as well.  luc stayed home to spend time with her so we got in a lot of family time today, which i love!  we spent lots of time today playing out side and with our growing group of "friends" the bird is accumulating.  she loves hugging and kissing all of her animals and dolls. she's pretty sweet. i have been taking my hormone supplements (creams) since wednesday and i am not really sure i feel immediate relief but i have been feeling a little bit better and sleeping better at night.  here's hoping it just continues to get better.  i am so thankful for everyone's comments and support as i struggle through this a bit.  much love and thanks to all!

morning walk...i love these little booties so much, i am happy the bird has small feet so we are still able to wear them!

the hill ahead doesn't look like much but it is awfully tough to get up pushing this stroller!  it's the closest thing i can get to a decent workout lately.


gosh her face is grey...i don't think us having the baby helped...

latest past-time...trying on all of our shoes.

she is getting so big.

my view, from the floor.


'raggedy ann' from when i was small.

tropical oatmeal...very good!

ombre pink frames...i ♥ target

my view from the ground.  we love our little patio.

this girl... xoxo

mama's favorite show - so you think you can dance.

evening walk.

evening playing on the patio.

have a safe and happy holiday weekend!