a day in photos

another friday where we are lucky enough to have nanny visiting and i had to be gone part of the day.  love that nanna was here, hate that i had to miss the day with my girl.  it was cooler, autumn is definitely around the corner!  it was kind of a lazy day, and the bird did a lot of sleeping...in fact she slept in until almost 8am (an unknown in our household!) and still took a 2 hour nap.  she hung out in her comfy pjs all day and just enjoyed having nanna's company.

morning cartoons...her new favorite is 'jack's big music show'.  she particularly likes dancing and pretending to use the "fake" remote.

pile of new projects to do.

enjoying my new colored cords...i love this bold lavender!

tissue paper shredding.

trying on mamma's new shoes.

ready for an afternoon walk to the playground.