always, sometimes, never

i always: { love hearing channing's giggles.

{ enjoy a chai latte in the mornings.

{ say i love you.

{ over analyze things.

{ want to travel.

{ drink water and not much else.

{ hate doing housework.

{ wish i could quit my job and be a stay at home mom.

{ need more sleep than i get.

{ am barefoot, when i can be.  even in the winter, i hate wearing socks around the house.

{ wear sunscreen and mascara.

{ go at least 2 days without washing my hair.

{ want channing to know that every single moment of every single day - she is loved.

{ leave water glasses all around the house...sometimes full, sometimes empty.


i sometimes:

{ get impatient.

{ want to give up everything here in colorado and explore a new place for awhile.

{ wish i could have been a famous designer working on beautiful hotels and fancy restaurants.

{ wear my hair is long, curly and and i have a lot of it, so i wear it up most of the time.

{ wish i was better at making more time for friends.

{ drink white wine, but mostly chose red.

{ speak before i think.

{ feel the need to do something a bit dangerous - even though I'm too chicken.

{ wish i had more time for crafting

{ remember names, after meeting someone.  but, I always remember a face!

{ wish i could make a living through pinning fun things on pinterest.


i never:

{ smoke.

{ go to bed without brushing my teeth and taking my makeup off.

{ eat red meat or pork.

{ get tired of my husband's beautiful eyes and smile.

{ want to lose the amazing love i feel for my husband and baby girl.

{ drink soda.

{ go to target without spending way more than intended.

{ like being late.

{ end up being the fantastic cook i wish i could be.

{ eat as many vegetables as i should.

{ want to have regrets.