an outdoor playhouse: concepts

after a shopping trip to costco a couple of weeks ago, where channing spotted a pre-built kid's outdoor play house and immediately fell in love, we decided it would be fun to build her one ourselves.  i mean, i have the most talented husband...who just happens to be a home builder.  why not?  so, we've been having lots of fun looking at images online, chatting about what "features" we want to include and coming up with some ideas ourselves.  our house itself is more contemporary in styling so we are looking for a modern design for this little outdoor space as well.  and, we want for it to last hopes that it will be a fun outdoor retreat for our little bird for quite some time to come.  we spend a lot of time outdoors and i think this will be a space that will get a lot of use.

one of our biggest challenges is space.  as in, we don't have a lot of it outside.  we have a fairly small front yard (no back yard) and our home is on a long narrow lot.  we would love to incorporate some fun things on the outside like a possible slide, a rock climbing space and a roof top garden.  on the inside, i want enough space for channing to grow.  it would be fun to have a little kitchenette and room for a small table and chairs.  we plan on making this little house tight, meaning the doors and windows would seal and close just like a normal house.  this helps keep animals and the weather out.  so, we have kind of a long wish list's really fun to plan! i thought i would share some of the fun concept photos we have come across.  

i love this indoor kitchen space from  apartment therapy

i love this indoor kitchen space from apartment therapy

this one is my FAVORITE!!  from  dwell

this one is my FAVORITE!!  from dwell