attempted doll making

i love hand made items and am not a big fan of store bought or plastic toys so...i thought the best thing to do would be to learn how to make some dolls for the bird.  wow, talk about not doing so great on the first try.  but, i am going to keep practicing until i get it right and work out all of the kinks. i do have to note that i did NOT use a pattern...that is probably part of my problem right there.  i didn’t have one but wanted to make a doll so, i just tried to figure it out on my own.  (i think i have mentioned before this downfall of mine to want immediate satisfaction when it comes to getting something made).  next time, i will preplan and try out a pattern.

hopefully the bird won’t mind that my seams are a bit uneven, she has kind of a bobble head due to a very small neck and somehow, one arm got stitched on lower than the other one.  at least the fabric selections worked out nicely.

oh well, better luck on the next one...which i am already planning with some fun new fabrics i just got in!  maybe on the next one will try for some facial features too.