baby cam

i've had a few people ask what baby monitor we use, that lets me take photos of the bird.  it actually isn't a baby monitor at all, it is a small security camera from a company called Foscam.  i believe luc purchased it on  we went this route for a few reasons...1. it was way cheaper (around $85) than a video monitor  2. it is run through an app on our iPhones or through our computer  3. it takes photos we have it installed on our wall, right above the crib and it uses infrared to see at night.  it isn't in color but it does have sound.  the other bonus is that you can watch it when you are away from home too.  you do need to have wireless, in your home, in order for it to work.  i am not an expert on all of that, as luc set it up, but it has been really successful for us.

i’ve been given a hard time, more than once, about watching our nursery camera and not paying attention to anything else.  i can’t help it, i love to watch the bird in there...whether she is playing around or sleeping peacefully, i love watching her.  many times, that includes her being naughty and playing around like a tumbling circus clown in an attempt to not have to take her nap (typically in the afternoons) but at night, she has a bit of a routine where she plays around with “bunny” and tumbles around with him for a bit before finally drifting off...she gnaws on his ear, throws him around, rolls over him, hugs him and sometimes tosses him over the edge.  eventually, if she hasn’t tossed him to the floor, she snuggles up close to her pal the bunny and is out for the night.  even as she sleeps, she rolls about quite a bit and tends to bring him with her.  i just love to watch it play out.  we have recently added a soft blanket and pillow.  i was afraid she would play with them too much but she really snuggles up and seems to be enjoying having them in there too.  i have even caught her wrapping the bunny up and rubbing his tummy, like i do for her when i put her down to sleep.   i love her playful spirit and i am happy she made a friend.  she makes me smile.