back to work

i know i said i was going to do my best to enjoy my job and be thankful for having it is TOUGH.  it is my first day back, after being lucky enough to have an entire summer with my bird, and i am wishing more than anything that i was home spending the day with her. what do i do, exactly?  well, my title is "interior design program director" for pikes peak community college.  i run and manage the program as well as teach a certain amount of courses each semester.  i spend the majority of my time teaching and working with students on their projects, managing schedules and dealing with issues when they arise (and they do arise. OFTEN.)  this is also true when managing, hiring and sometimes firing instructors.  i do a lot of researching of current trends, technologies and products in the interior design field - in order for our curriculum to be as current as possible.  i also work with design professionals regarding internships, guest speaking engagements and field trips.  then there's the political and administrative side - filling out paperwork and forms, attending staff meetings, doing evaluations and conforming to state regulations and rules.  this semester includes teaching 5 different classes.  it makes for a busy semester.  and we are just getting started.

today, i am returning phone calls and email to students, filling out my calendar and developing curriculum and syllabi for the semester...which begins next week.

today, i miss my little bird.