BIRD FOOD: pudding pops

when i was a little girl, i got to spend a lot of time with my great grandmother on my dad's side.  she made me ramen noodles and pudding pops.  always pudding pops.  and vanilla was my favorite.  she made the jello instant brand and it was heaven.  such a simple recipe and flavor but a really wonderful memory.  we've been having lots of fun lately with our zoku pop maker so i thought i would give my favorite pudding pop a try.  

i simply used an organic cooked vanilla pudding mix that i found at the local natural food store.  once it was cooked and cooled to room temperature, i swirled in a little bit of our favorite strawberry jam, from bonne maman.  these did take a little longer to freeze than other recipes, and they turn out a bit soft but...they are seriously fantastic!! someone else thought they were pretty delicious too.