birdy bike rides

when purchasing the bird's new bike helmet and bike seat...i really hoped she would enjoy going for rides.  i was not disappointed - she loves it!  her little helmet is still a bit big but it is the smallest one that i could find in an extra small.  it looks so cute on her in this fun pattern from  nutcase.  she thinks it is pretty funny and laughs and smiles when i take it out of my bike basket to put it on her.  (it helps that i put mine on too.  she knocks her fist on hers while it is on my head then points at mine so she can do the same to it. just like the sunglasses, if i have on mine, she'll put in hers.  works for now!) as for the new bike seat, i am really happy with it too.  i think the bird would probably be happy if it had arm rests but i like that it is lightweight, trim in size (some are really big and bulky!) and a bit more contemporary looking.  i also like the fun tangerine color and luc said it wasn't too bad to install.  the seat is a tiny bit big for the bird...i guess she is just a small girl!  the seat is from yepp and i purchased it on  so far, we have been going for a little ride almost every day.  i have to honestly say that it is not as easy as i would have thought.  it does take a bit of practice to balance her weight and stay steady but i am getting better and feeling more confident about it with each ride.  i think she likes the view from up high and loves to wave at everyone we pass and give them a big "hiiiii".  i am excited to keep this up through out the summer and fall!