birthday ribbon/rag skirt

this little skirt was so easy to make!  and the bird loved twirling around in it and playing with all of the layers.  it was cheap and easy and so much fun! here’s how it works:

supplies -


fabric scraps



ribbon - cut twice as long as you want the final skirt to be.  i cut the ends on a angle for extra shape.

fabrics - cut 1-2” strips the same length as the ribbons

elastic - measure your kiddo’s waste and cut the elastic 1” longer.  sew edge of elastic together to make the waist band.

i found it easiest to pull the elastic waist band up around my thigh to work on the skirt.

to begin.  fold your first ribbon in half, place it underneath the elastic waistband.  pull the tail ends of your ribbon up and pull them through the top loop of the ribbon.  pull tight and move on to your next ribbon.  it is that easy!  continue working your way around the waistband, snugging each ribbon and/or fabric piece close to one another as you go.

after i felt the skirt was full enough, with the one length of ribbon and fabric, i added a few shorter cut ribbons and fabric pieces to make it a little more flouncy.