CREATE: i spy bottles

i've had this project on my to-do list for quite some time now, and after seeing this post from armelle blog, i finally got inspired enough and got myself in gear to make some myself.  here is another one i found on pinterest.  i made a few at one time, to give as gifts to friends.  the directions on both blogs call for using rice.  i didn't have any but i did have some fish tank sand left over from another project so i ended up using it instead. 


i've been making some activity bags and items, such as these i spy bottles, to take along for car rides and ventures out to dinner...any time we have to sit and wait and be patient.  these help the time pass and keep channing occupied.  so far, these bottles have been a hit!  you could make themed bottles as well, which i plan on doing for more gifts.  everything i used was either from around the house or purchased at the dollar store (except for the bottles, which i found at whole foods) making it an affordable activity.


plastic bottle (i like using plastic voss bottles because of their shape and wider mouth opening)

small items and toys


rice or sand

hot glue gun or super glue


- clean and dry bottles. i also peeled the voss stickers off.
- make sure all items fit through the mouth of the bottle.
- fill bottle alternating rice/sand with a few toys until bottle is about 3/4 full - you want to leave a bit of room at the top of the bottle for shaking and moving the rice/sand around the bottle
- use a hot glue gun/super glue to glue the lid on

channing's favorite finds are piglet and winnie the pooh.

channing's favorite finds are piglet and winnie the pooh.