CREATE: valentine dreamcatcher

this is a simple and affordable valentine's day take on the typical dreamcatcher.  although, i might be keeping this one up all year long!  it needs only a few supplies and can be finished up in an hour or so. 


embroidery hoop (i took the inner ring out and only used the adjustable ring. for this project i used a 7 1/4" diameter ring but you could make this as large or as small as you want)

variegated yarn

decorative paper (i used paper i marbled myself a few years ago but you could use any scrapbook paper)

decorative paper punch (this one is a heart shaped punch from hobby lobby)

string (i used a white and gold twine)


glue (plain elmer's works great!)


1. punch out hearts from decorative paper.  this project took about 50 hearts.


2. i decided to wrap my embroidery hoop with yarn.  start at the top of the hoop, where the tightening mechanism is.  tighten the hoop completely and tie your yarn off at this point.  begin wrapping the hoop tightly.  be sure each wrap of yarn is tight to the one next to it.  this is the most time consuming part of the project.


3.  once the entire hoop is wrapped, tie the end off at the top.


4. cut varying lengths of string and tie them in a double knot to the hoop.


5. lightly coat the first heart with glue and center the string on top of it. then add another heart on top of the first heart to sandwich the string.  press and hold until the hearts are glued together.


6. continue layering the hearts on the strings.


7.  once all of the strings are covered, to your liking, tie a bow in the yarn tails and hang.  it's that easy!