day in photos

another friday with a busy bird running around the gray household. before nap time even came around, we had gone for a walk, watered the flowers, played and had breakfast on the patio, loaded up the shopping cart, folded laundry and played dress up while sorting through my scarves and clothes.  that all happened by 10:30am!  life with this little bird never seems to slow down one bit.  a big bonus though...that busy morning must have really pooped her because i got a miraculous 2 1/2 hour nap out of her. we had a fun family dinner out and trip to costco, which is always a treat for the bird as she LOVES riding in carts while daddy pushes her madly about the place.  happy weekend to all...we are looking forward to a play date tomorrow with a new friend.  hugs.

windy night

when asked ..."how much do dada and i love you?"  (learned from nanna on her last visit)

my messy morning view from the kitchen.


my new hanging all i need are some plants!


we have lots of owls watching over us in this house.

"cleaning" the carpet

new print for the bedroom.

new 'back to school' clothes.  i am going to attend to pull these off...

dancing and twirling in my belly dancing hip scarf...i think playing dress up is going to be a big thing in this house!

someone has got to stop buying me scarves...oh wait...


i desperately want to go back here.  now.

friends in a row.

this pillow has been calling my name all day long...but it's not gonna happen.

an afternoon snack and break to watch my favorite...pocoyo.


i had full intentions of making this year's halloween costume...until i saw this adorable little number at costco for $13.  an elephant. perfect. (not to mention the cutie pie footie pjs that i just couldn't resist for this winter)