day in photos

another busy friday here.  we have been home from our trip for a week and finally feeling like we are getting back into the groove of things.  the bird has been taking 2 naps a day again, all week long.  not sure how long it will last but she is actually telling me (signing) that she is sleepy and has been going down nicely.  this also means she is staying up a bit later (8:30) but also sleeping in past 5:30 (6:15 abouts) !!!  she is teething, i believe, so that might also be part of her sleepiness and a little crankiness too. we've had a busy day playing and enjoying the fact that our patio is shady all day, despite the heat.  at the beginning of the week, i decided i was tired of not using our patio off of the living room.  it is super tiny, we aren't even sure why they built them as they are so small you can barely fit anything out there except my tomato plants.  however, it has been the perfect size for the bird to play on and it is difficult to even get her to come inside now.  she particularly likes her "umbelllla" which she has really gotten good at saying!  we've even had a few little picnics out there for snack time.  i am glad we are using it and that she gets to spend even more time outside by playing out there.  looking forward to the weekend...enjoy!

our first tomatoes !

trying out some herbs (tarragon & basil) in my new little hanging planters from target.  love these things!

our favorite apple juice, from back home in palisade.  it is delicious!

an egg a day for the long as it has cheese and garlic in it.  she LOVES garlic.

making music.  new tambourine via our june citrus lane box!

finally figuring out how to climb up on the sofa by throwing up a leg and hoisting  herself up!

enjoying avocado with some curry for lunch.  yes, curry and garlic...this little bird likes her herbs and spices!

a little venture to kmart for toiletries brought me to this great little find!  and, for only $15.  thank you, kmart.

play with me sesame during snack time.

an interesting flavor - orange and ginger - but the bird gobbled it up!

yay for afternoon naps...i am fond of days with 2 naps in them!

some great consignment finds for the little bird at womb to grow.