day in photos

finishing up a week of busyness.  it has been a little up and down with some good news and some challenging news (more to share on those later) and a very welcome visit from my mom.  i had a little trip to denver on wednesday and got some lovely new little treasures on sale, which i happily unwrapped today.   the bird is growing like a weed, taking better naps and deciding to start eating with her own fork this week.  nanna brought over a little chair that i used when i was small and the bird has already taken to it fondly.   i've been away a bit this week and trying to get some things done around the house - including finishing a new felt floral piece and getting ready for a yard sale, while the little miss has had lots of fun with nanna - enjoying time outside and pretty much all over the place...this girl is FULL of energy!

new scarves from eve's big weekend sale!

helping nanna work in the yard. i look at the photo i realize how much i love our house and its location but HATE this ugly apartment complex across the street!

now her hat :)