day in photos

to be honest, i completely forgot today was friday until after i put the bird down for her nap.  it was a long night, i got very little sleep, and all i really wanted to do was lie down and nap too.  but, i have too much to get done.  i really thought, around 4pm, that i wasn't going to make it until bedtime. that's just how some days are.  we did watch a little too much tv (it was too hot to be outside for long & i was too tired to be extra creative), we also played with my fabrics, jumped on the bed, fell off of the sofa due to excessive tumbling (the bird, not me)...all while i tried to get this felt piece done for a client (which i am late on). although it was a warm one, we did spend some time digging in the dirt in our front yard and playing in the water on the patio.  while we were out there, i happily noticed that i have 3 yes 3 new tomatoes growing!  and, it looks like more are on their way.  i find this very exciting after our naughty girl plucked and tossed my first successfully growing tomato to the ground.

on another exciting note, we had a few firsts today: channing learned to sign and say "peez" = please.  she also learned how to fully open and close the patio door on her own - i can't believe she can finally reach the lever.  and ...while sitting on the sofa, she held her little elmo doll in front of her and sang him a little song while tipping him back and forth, making him dance ... "do do do dooo, do do do dooo".   good job little bird!

saying i am ready for bed is a major understatement...good night!

anxiously awaiting this fresh basil, tomato (thanks mom!), swiss and whole wheat naan panini for good.

eating her butternut squash mac&cheese all on her own!

right after this she told me "shhhh, nanna seeehhp" with her finger to her mouth then signing sleep.  yes, little bird, this is where nanna sleeps.

this ditch doesn't look like much but it has taken me days to dig...we have terribly clay and rock filled soil. i am creating a planting bed to separate our yard from the neighbor's.

seriously dirty clothes from all that digging!

this is where i was told "fsshh" should sit.

this is where i was told "joooz" should sit.

bird food...salmon sticks, milk and peas

one more swing before bedtime...i'm even more tired after uploading and looking at all of these photos from today!