DISCOVER: buckley's homestead supply

modern homesteading = a combination of old and new.  it can involve learning how to can your fruits and veggies, creating a garden where you grow your own groceries, building a chicken coop for your 3 chickens in the city.  it doesn't mean you have to give up your day job and move to the wilderness, learning survive completely on your own.  modern homesteading is becoming more and more popular in urban communities, where people of all ages want to learn a bit more about providing for themselves and their families.  if you have ever had an itch to learn how to make your own cheese, butter or yogurt, start a mushroom colony, become a beekeeper or even raise a goat...then a visit to buckley's homestead supply is a must.  located at 1501 W. Colorado Avenue, buckley's is a very welcome addition to old colorado city and i am thrilled to have them as neighbors! i am really excited to have a resource for learning about homesteading as well as purchasing books, supplies and equipment.  i currently have cheese making, butter churning, beekeeping, chicken raising and canning on my "list of things to learn".  now, if only we had a spot for a goat or two!