DISCOVER: olive tree traders

olive tree traders 2526 west colorado avenue

colorado springs, colorado 80904


olive tree traders carries gorgeous mediterranean gifts and home goods.  they carry vibrant hand painted ceramics, traditional turkish towels, delicious italian fig jams and vinegars, moroccan terra cotta tanginess (definitely on my "want" list) and little moroccan tea glasses.  the shop is lovely and family owned -  located in old colorado city.  and, although i love shopping their beautiful wears, my favorite part of their store is their selection of children's books.  they are my favorite store for purchasing books for channing - mainly because they are unique and can't be found anywhere else in town.  their books have the best illustrations and look very hand crafted, which i love.  it's hard to find board books with this kind of artistic approach and feel.  there are also lots of animal and ethnic themes, which i really love introducing channing to.  they put a smile on my face and channing really has fun with every book we've purchased here.  in fact, luc bought her very favorite book here, which we've been reading to her since she was born - "hidden hippo".  i've practically memorized it from so many readings.  i just bought her "how loud is a lion" because we are very into roaring like a lion and growling like a bear.   i also love the conversation the owner and i had about how he selects which books he carries - he gives his little kiddos the catalog and lets them pick what they want to read.  i love that and think they have excellent taste!  they also carry a few games and puzzles, which i look forward to getting as channing gets a little older.

stop in to peruse all of the beautiful items in the store and don't forget to take a look at their little book section in the middle.  i think you'll find their selection fun and unique for sure!