every girl needs a tutu

when the bird was small, at both halloween and christmas time, i put her in tutus for photo ops.  she didn't really seem to think much of them so, i never really thought to put her in one again until this weekend...we were watching 'so you think you can dance' and one of the dancers is a ballerina.  she had a beautiful black tutu on that channing seemed to be mesmarized with.  she is really into music and dancing lately and i asked her if she wanted to wear her own tutu while she danced around the living room.  YES!  was her immediate answer, along with wide eyes, hands clasped to her mouth and a huge giggle of excitement.  well, as you can see, she was quite taken with her lilac tutu and wore it all day long.  we don't do a lot of fussy clothes in this house...there's an awful lot of playing in the water, sand and dirt.  but we do enjoy a good day of dress up.  i couldn't help it...i took a lot of photos.  it was so cute, i had to share.