fabric patches

i have a pair of boyfriend jeans, that i just love.  the problem is, the holes are getting large and sloppy looking and i don’t want them to fray anymore. an easy, cheap solution (which i don’t think i’ve had done to my jeans since i was a kiddo and my mom added iron on patches!)...add fun fabric patches underneath with simple stitching either by hand or machine.

  1. i selected a few fabric scraps to show through the holes.
  2. i pinned the fabrics to the jeans, once i turned them wrong side out.
  3. i turned the jeans right side out to sew, because i wanted to sew the stitch based on the existing holes. (it didn’t matter that my stitches weren’t straight and i made the stitching larger than the existing holes because i don’t mind if the holes get just a little larger in order to see the great fabric colors.)  i also used fun colored thread to highlight the stitches... you could do something more neutral if you didn’t want to call attention to them.
  4. once i finished my stitches, i turned the pants wrong side out again to trim the fabric edges with pinking shears.
  5. back to right side out and there you go!