grandma's jewel box

i was extremely lucky to grow up having lots of grandparents around me.  and i got to spend a lot of time with them.  my dad's parents and grandparents lived on the same ranch as us and my mom's mother and grandmother lived very close by.  i spend a lot of my days with both sides of grandparents while my mom and dad worked.  they are some of the fondest memories i have from my childhood.  

my grandma davis (dad's mom) planted a huge garden, full of corn and carrots and peas. she also had raspberry bushes and cherry trees.  i loved helping her plant and work in the garden...playing in the ditches and dirt.  her flowers and garden were always so beautiful.  she also made the most amazing oatmeal raisin cookies on the planet...with extra butter...making them flat and crispy on the outside, while staying gooey in the middle. i also spent a lot of time at her parents' home (who lived on the ranch only during the summer months). great grandma and i would play gin rummy, eat roman noodles and homemade frozen pudding pops.

on my mom's side, i had my grandma brown and great grandma applegarth.  both of my grandfathers had passed away before i was born and these two amazing ladies moved in together.  they had been room mates since before i was born and continued to live together until my great grandma passed away. neither ever remarried.  they made potato soup and velveeta shells and cheese.  both crochet and knitted and we always watched soaps and game shows like "press your luck."  one of my favorite memories, from the times i spent with them, was sitting on a big sheet in the middle of the living rom and rummaging through their jewelry.  i could do this for what seemed like forever, always finding something new.  i am so saddened by the fact that channing will never get to know them in person.  but, i can continue our traditions.  i decided it was time for the "jewel box" to come out.  channing had the best time trying on her pretty jewels and checking out how "beautiful" she looked in the bedroom mirror.  this is a tradition i am so happy to carry on.