greek grilling

we finally bought a new grill - thanks to our semi-successful yard sale last weekend.  oh, how i have missed grilling!  even though it was a rainy night, and we had to grill partially in the garage, i decided to kick off our late in the season grilling with one of my favorites - a greek variety show.  including: whole wheat naan (purchased at whole foods),  falafel king pre made falafel (purchased at whole foods) and chicken kabobs with mediterranean seasonings, figs, red peppers and artichoke. served with hummus, goat cheese, olives and my favorite 'simply organic' dill dip (i make mine with greek yogurt and diced cucumbers).  so good!

so gloomy...but the grilling must go on...even if it is partially inside the garage

that's my girl...i could never turn down a good falafel either!