after quite an adventure, we are home.  we took our first long family trip, this past week, to chicago and then to michigan.  i am now trying to settle back in and catch up. while we were gone, i learned many things: - it really sucks to be "those people" on the airplane.  and by those people i mean the ones with the screaming and crying baby.  the bird did not take her nap, wanted to get down off our laps and was a very unhappy camper all the way around.  it was miserable.

- i do not like large crowds that much anymore.  being in chicago was a lot of fun and we did some great exploring but i really could do without the large crowds in the train and on the streets.

- it actually isn't a bad thing to be in a hotel room with a baby who goes to sleep earlier than i do.  i actually went to bed with her some nights in order to help catch up on some sleep.

- the bird has a crazy weird internal alarm clock that went off at 5:30 am chicago time (4:30 colorado time) and 5:30 michigan time (3:30 colorado time).  hence my need for extra sleep.

- outside of our sleeping issues, the bird is a wonderful little adventurer and explorer.  she was in great spirits and seemed to really enjoy all of the new sites.- channing loves jumping on beds in hotel rooms :).

- channing LOVES the water.

- i love trader joe's.  never been to one as we are without here in colorado.

- i am way too focused on getting the bird on a perfect schedule.  i already knew this but really came to realize it while away on this trip.  i truly need to learn to relax and go with the flow. sometimes, a nap is just not going to happen and instead of trying to force it i need to realize that it isn't the end of the world and channing will be ok.

- luc's family in michigan is just wonderful.  again, something i already knew but really appreciated while we were there visiting.  they have great big loving hearts and just welcomed us right in.  they are amazing people and i wish we lived closer to them.

-  channing is great at sharing.  she hasn't been around a lot of kids but she did awesome with her cousins and played so well.

-  being at luc's family's home made me realize how much i miss being in the country.  i love the quiet and the slower pace.  the land to roam around on and the animals to befriend.  it was my favorite part of our trip.

- i love our home :)

a break from the crying for a little peekaboo!