little bird's new dresser

i have finally finished the new dresser for the bird's room.  i originally made one before she was born but, it didn't quite hold enough so when my mom said i could have this new dresser (which was my grandmother's and makes me love having it even more!) i jumped on the idea of making a new one.  i love the curved top drawers and the fact that it has 6 separate drawers for storage.  the dresser has a veneer finish to begin with so, i sanded it all down and painted the perimeter royal blue.  all of the fabrics used to embellish the piece are Anna Maria Horner (my favorite textile designer).  the previous dresser and fabrics were a lot more girly and pink.  this time around, i wanted it to feel a little richer in color and bohemian in style.  i used vintage crystal knobs, in two different sizes/designs.  i am pretty pleased with the way it turned out!

here is the original dresser (sorry it is so grainy, this photo was taken in the semi-dark garage with my iPhone)