CREATE: little succulents, fun containers

our house doesn't have a lot of room for having plants inside so, i am keeping it small and cute and adding a few to our window sill next to the kitchen.  the sill is low so i've avoided setting anything on there due to little fingers possibly disrupting them.  but, channing has been very excited about planting flowers outside this spring so i decided to take the plunge and add a little greenery to the inside of the house.  my plants of choice are succulents (very popular right now).  especially after our trip to california, where we saw some of the most beautiful cactus and succulents ever.  the ones i am planting are much smaller and basic but i hope to get a few larger and more colorful ones soon.    

my window sill isn't very deep, only 5", so i had to use small containers.  i've had these cute little cups, from anthropologie,  forever but rarely use them for drinking tea because i tend to like larger mugs.  perfect for planting small succulents in.  i also love using tins and other random containers.  here is the biggest issue with using these types of containers to plant in: drainage.  as in, there isn't any.  most pots have holes in the bottom to allow proper drainage.  in this case, i placed a few rock in the cups and tin before i scooped in the potting soil.  i made sure to use a soil meant for good has a bit of sand and wood chips in it.

they don't need to be watered very often and make an awfully cute little sill garden.  i plan on adding more very soon!