we are currently in the throws of shifting from 2 naps per day to 1 nap per day.  i have to say, the bird has made huge improvements in her sleeping habits after turning 1.  it is so much better than before and i am finally getting some sleep myself!  naps have been great though and very consistent for the most part.  and then, about 9 weeks ago, she decided that there was just no need to be taking an afternoon nap anymore and wanted nothing to do with it.  so, we spent a few days trying out one nap.  then she went back to needing two, then back to one...and on and on it has gone for the past 2 months.  we've just had a week and a half of very consistent 2 naps per day and now, here we are again, back to one nap today.  jeez, i wish she would just make up her mind!  i've heard this is very common so i am just trying to go with the flow of it but darn, it is hard to schedule anything during the day again. in the meantime, when she is napping, i love catching a cute shot like this from the camera in her room.  she loves snuggling with that new pillow and blanket!