new "steppy"

i think i have mentioned before how lucky i am to have an oh so talented husband.  he can pretty much build anything, including this new "steppy" for the bird. she has been so interested in what we are doing in the kitchen lately (and standing on the dining room chairs just didn't seem quite safe to me) so, luc built this great little stand for her.  i looked online and there are a few out there to purchase...but they cost a bit and i didn't love the design.   and if you have a husband who likes to design and build things, then i say let him!  i love his simple design of basic plywood and a clear coat finish.  and let me tell you...the bird is HAPPY about it.  she spent quite a bit of time on it last night- snacking on craisons and this morning, though blurry eyed, with her strawberries and milk .  it has height adjustments for both the platform itself and the side rails.  i have a feeling we will be getting "uhhh, uhhh" (birdy speak for "up") on this quite a bit from now on.  good job hubby!