olympic swimmer

ok, well, not really.  but i sure do think she thinks she is!  we put on our swimsuits tonight, for our tuesday night swim class, and the bird was VERY excited.  after checking herself out in the mirror, she made a beeline for the living room to check out the swimmers on the tv.  (per my last post, she has been "swimming" on the wood floor all week long as we watch the olympic swimmers in the pool.  she is enthralled with the event!)  as we watched the girls swim, she would pat at her swimsuit then point to the event, seemingly so excited to realize that they too had on a swimsuit just like her.  and, we had one of the best nights swimming ever!  this girl was up on the edge and jumping in like crazy, even attempting to try it head first like the divers do...thankfully daddy caught her before that could actual happen.  she kicked and splashed and pretended to be in her own little olympic games.  what a little fish we have. swim classes have been one of the very best things we have done with/for her.  she LOVES the water and has no fear.  we've been going since she was 5 months old and every week, we all get excited about going.  if you are in town and need a place to take your little one, check out my discover post here on the place we go.  we would love to see you there!

before we headed out for the night, i had to try on this adorable little swim cap i found at womb to grow last week.  it's too big right now but sure does look cute with her little cherry swimsuit!