operation sandy hook

so many people have been touched by the terrible acts that occurred just over a week ago, in connecticut.  i think about it every day.  i try to hold channing a little tighter, a little longer (when she'll let me).  it has really been difficult to imagine how that community, the teachers, the families of beautiful little ones who were lost...how they will be able to go forward and heal.  i cannot imagine.  

the beautiful ladies over at brickyard buffalo and small fry blog have teamed up to create an amazing fundraising effort, with the help of some very talented artists and graphic designers.  head on over to www.brickyardbuffalo.com and for only $5, you can download any of the below images, and several others.  all of the money raised will go to "operation sandy hook".  it's a great way to support the families and have the opportunity to own some of these beautiful art pieces for your home.