our first hawaiian halloween

for the first time in the history of halloween (for me at least) where weather did not have to be taken into consideration.  growing up in colorado, we always had to think about how a costume could be layered up just in case of those cold winds and heaven forbid....SNOW.  but this year, being a tropical climate, channing could wear just about anything she wanted and i knew were weren't going to have to cover it up by a coat.  she has been asking to be pocahontas since she saw the movie last year.  i am not sure why this particular character stuck out in her mind so strongly but, she was set on it all year long.  i really wanted to make her costume but, between moving and renovating the house and being more limited here on fabric/craft resources...a purchased costume is what we got.  we added a few extra beads and channing wore her camp wolf moccs...which i think were the perfect touch.  we had a little change in costume with her necklace.  we used a beaded necklace i had but it was too scratchy.  so, in the spirit of being on the islands, she decided to wear her new kukui nut lei given to her that day.  it turned out just right.  she was very specific about having "one long braid, mama" down the back...not two braids.  we added a few beads and feathers. 

we trick-r-treated at some of the local shops, which was lots of fun and nice to all be in one location. we hung out with our new friends, lynn and lukas, and channing made us super proud with her trick-r-treat and mahalo (thank you) skills.  oh, and, she requested i be miko...made possible by one of her opposite of far masks.