OUR HOME: channing's room

channing's bedroom is filled with color, hand made items, vintage goodies and random things i have collected both back when she was just a dream and yesterday at the thrift store.  this is the one room in the house where i bring in girly florals and more vintage/less modern items.  the room is small but packed full of bold, colorful things.  i adore spending time in this space.

original swiss coocoo clock...gifted by luc's grandparents.

Katie Daisy print from etsy

this was my grandmother's dresser.  to see more of my fabric embellished furniture items, please visit my etsy shop. 


one my favorite baby shower gifts and channing's favorite book.  alice and wonderland pop up. 

my pregnant belly cast, created at 8 1/2 months.

my pregnant belly cast, created at 8 1/2 months.

baby g (gray is our last name) was this little bird's name until we decided on channing eleanor right before her birth.

two of my favorite photos of all time.  my great grandmother and my mom when she was small.