Our Next Chapter

We were just saying how comfortable we finally felt here, on the Big Island.  Things were going well for us in our careers, Channing was having a great time in Kindergarten, we loved our home and were feeling great about our life here.  

And then...One week later (about a month ago) Luc was offered a fantastic job position with a really great company.  At first, we thought it would keep us here on the Big Island but, very quickly, things escalated into a move to Maui.  If you've been following for awhile, you know we were married on Maui and it has held a very special place in our hearts ever since. We decided to jump into the opportunity full and accept the offer.  Since then, we finished as many renovations as we could on our home, put it on the market, had it listed for 4 days, received 3 competitive offers, accepted an offer, flew to Maui, visited 10 properties in one day, put an offer in on a place on Maui and Luc went to Seattle for a week for job training.  Whew.  What a whirlwind.  We are excited and nervous.  The goal is to finish up the school year and island hop the beginning of June.  

Now that our house is looking nice and spiffy, I am definitely feeling more sentimental.  But, we've found a great place on Maui and we're excited for this new adventure!