our summer

eventhough the weather is still quite warm...there a slight chill in the air that can only mean one thing...autumn is on it's way.  not only that, but i have started back at school for the semester.  my days at home with channing seemed to really fly by this summer.  and we've had a lot going on, so my blog posts have been super spotty.  i thought i'd do a recap of our summer in photos.  channing had a lot of firsts...first oreo, first movie in the theater (dispicable me 2), first s'mores.  we spent a lot of our time outdoors, playing in the yard and gardening and let's not forget the almost 3 weeks of solid rain we had in august...which led to LOTS of puddle jumping.  we made lots of pancakes, ate dinner on the patio and had lots of art sessions.  there were some challenges, mostly due to some health issues on my end (which is for another post) but, overall it was a beautiful summer to spend at home with my sweet bird.