play dough

yesterday was the bird's first experience with play dough.  although she thought it was pretty fun, she liked the containers even more.  i guess that's how it is when you are a 14 month old...containers are more fun than the toys that come in them!  but, she did have a good time squishing and pulling it apart.  she also tried to eat it a few times, which is why i am glad i bought the dough from clementine ... they are all natural and completely safe.  they smell pretty great too, which could have been part of the reason the bird wanted a little taste!  they come in strawberry, lemon and lime and are soft, crumble-free and perfect for little hands. it was a great reminder of how something so simple can be such a great experience for a little one.  daddy made fun animal shapes and we sat there for a good 30 minutes playing and laughing.  it was a great way to create and play with the bird.