although it was a chilly and rainy day, i decided it was time to finally get out our zoku quick pop maker and get to business!  i don't know what took me so long, it has been sitting in our freezer for months now and this was the first time we had used it.  the bird and i had a great time.  she especially enjoyed eating her first every ENTIRE popsicle on her own.  she thought it was pretty fabulous.  and it was just as it should be, a completely sticky fun mess! FYI...this thing is fantastic and i would highly recommend it.  i plan on adding it to my love section soon.  it is fast and super easy.  there are lots of great recipes to try but we started out simple by just using two different flavors of bolthouse all natural smoothies.  we are going to be using this baby ALOT this summer, i can already tell and am looking forward to our next batch.