sleep or i didn't think it would be this hard, part II

whoever coined the phrase “sleeping like a baby” is either a complete moron or, was lucky enough to have a baby who truly did sleep fantastically.  obviously, they hadn’t met our little bird.  maybe if i hadn’t always been the kind of person who not only wanted but NEEDED at least 8 hours of sleep (preferably 9) every night, having a baby who is sleep challenged wouldn’t be such a big deal.  i honestly had no clue it would be this hard to help a baby learn how to sleep.  i foolishly thought sleep challenges mostly occurred in the beginning.  and the complete inconsistency drives me mad!  our challenges did start in the beginning and they continue still.  now, to be fair, they are getting better...but jeez, i just want a somewhat descent night’s sleep already!  and so does everyone else - want me to get sleep i mean- because without sleep i am CRANKY.  i can admit i have considered checking into a hotel for the night.  but, i am nursing still and channing won’t take a bottle...more on that in a different post. so, i am pretty much here for the long haul. it seems like every milestone we have hit, not matter how much we celebrate them and are so proud, has been a hinderance to our sleep regarding either/or naps and night time sleep...rolling over in the crib, finding her toes, crawling in the crib, untying the bumper, pulling up in the crib, finding her voice, walking around the crib, standing on her own in the crib and now - walking by herself in the crib. (yep, we have an early walker) i can imagine it is much more fun to try out these new skills instead of trying to sleep and that is exactly how it has been for her.  the bird is not a mellow girl...she is a go-getter and ready to master any skill thrown her way.  even if that means practicing during nap time or night time to make it happen.  and, let’s not even mention teething.  yikes!  she is a late teether and she is not a happy camper when those teeth start pushing through which, of course, greatly affects her, and our, sleep.

currently, we are entering the almost-sleeping-through-the-night-but-not-quite-yet phase.  just when we get a couple of nights with good sleep, we are greeted by a 4 or 5 am wakeup scream or conversation with her pal the bunny (who dutifully takes being tossed around, chewed on, yelled at and thrown over the edge on a daily basis).  this is much better than a 1 or 2 am wake up for sure but, still, i might as well get up at this point because going back to sleep, for me, just isn’t happening.

i know (or, at least i hope) that sleep will eventually get better.  and i know that just as we start to feel successful in one area, another challenge will creep up.  i also know, and just have to accept, that i probably won’t be enjoying any 8-9 hour nights of sleep for quite some time.



fyi...we have read tons of books and researched more than i care to admit, regarding sleep habits.  one website i have found to be pretty helpful is the baby sleep site.  there isn’t a lot of pressure or guilt-ridden antidotes but, a lot of smart ideas and suggestions.  i do recommend it.