some days are messier than others

and some days are much harder than others.  i know, everyone says it...being a mom is sometimes a lot harder than i might have expected.  on days like today, where i am feeling under the weather and exhausted, it is really hard to keep up.  it still isn't helping that our early bird won't sleep past 5:30 in the morning.  she is on the go go go all day long and i honestly just want to lie down and take a nap!  so, today, i am being a bit lazy about all the things that need to get done - the floors are a little sticky, the laundry is sitting patiently in the hamper, the dish washer hasn't been unloaded, the tv has been on way longer than it should, i haven't changed my clothes or put on any makeup and the tornado we call channing has definitely done its damage to our living room, kitchen, guest bedroom and laundry area.  oh well.  today is just going to have to be the mess that it is and i am just going to have to accept that...i don't really have the energy to do otherwise!