springtime fun

i can’t believe it has been a whole week since i have sat down at this blog!  sorry for my absence, it has been one of those weeks...i am feeling a bit under the weather, the bird is trying to go between taking two naps and one nap per day (everyday is a surprise as to what she decides to do) and i am on my last week of school so there are lots of projects to grade. in the mean time, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL so, we are trying to figure out some fun activities to keep the bird busy playing outside.  we want to build a large sandbox but, in the meantime, i purchased this little garden wagon and have filled it to the top with sand.  she loves standing at it and destroying all of the cute little shapes we make for her.  (she is more into destroying right now than creating...oh well!)  it was a cheap and easy solution and we can roll it around to wherever we are hanging out.